Rasmus Hungnes

Rasmus Hungnes - Hotdog, 2009

Collage animation

A fleshy creature without orifices is jumping along in this two-second animation loop. Ive stolen the animation frames from the Mickey Mouse cartoon The Karnival Kid. In this epic film, the main character Mickey Mouse plays the part of a hot dog salesmouse at a carnival. Some way into the narrative, he tries to charm Minnie Mouse into bed by giving her a free hot dog, and in the process establish himself as a powerful alpha male, displaying his command over his sausages (who appear to be living organisms). The sausage destined for Minnies gastrointestinal tract, however, makes a run for it, and this is the scene Ive blatantly stolen from. An exciting escape scene, where the scared to death sausage is chased by an angry Mickey Mouse. If youre wondering, I can tell you that it is catched in the end, and, youre not gonna believe this, recieves a good spanking after Mickey has pulled down its sausage skin, revealing its shiny butt. The collages are made from a combination of porn and meat ads.

Hotdog, 2009