8 at Lynx Oslo, 2018

The earthbound biological entity known by the appellation Rasmus Andreas Hungnes (meaning "lovable man bearcub penninsula") slid into this world in 1984 and lives and works in space-time. Rasmus Andreas was licked, knocked, and whipped into shape at the Bergen Art School (KiB), Bergen National Academy of the Arts (KHiB (now KMD)), Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weissensee, The Icelandic Elf School (Álfaskólinn), and at the highly prestigious school of life. The hominid in question currently operates as a visual artist, electronic musician, drummer, writer, and curator.

Email: rasmus(at)rasmushungnes.com
Bandcamp: Mist Rebuttal
Instagram: @rasmusandreashungnes
Soundcloud: Soundcloud

Solo & single unit exhibitions
2018 WARPTIME!, Prosjektrom C4, Bergen
2018 WARPTIME!, K4 Gallery, Oslo
2017 1010011010, Galleri Christinegaard, Bergen
2016 Chaos Emerald Forest, IN THE LIBRARY, Bergen. Curated by Johanna Lettmayer
2016 8, LYNX, Oslo
2015 Phallos & Kteis in Meatspace, Bergen Kjøtt
2015 KUKLOS – Border 1.5: Trident, with Ellen Ringstad, Galleri Neptun, Bergen
2014 KUKLOS – Border 1.0: Split and Splice. With Ellen Ringstad, Galleri Split, Bergen
2011 A Milk-Shake of Information, with Ada Bufi, Kasotle/National Art Gallery of Albania, Tirana
2011 Lost In appropriation, Tirana Ekspres, Tirana
2011 Battle 04, with Yuki Jungesblut, Pink Cube, Oslo
2010 One bag of chips only, One Night Only, Unge Kunstneres Samfund, Oslo
2010 Gutterommet, Grønnesmauet, Bergen (with Mads Dragsund)
2009 Objects of desire, with Maria Willassen, One Night Only, Oslo
2008 Monochrome: Drawing the Line, Galleri UTSIKT, Bergen

Selected group exhibitions & projects
2018 Ludacrium (IS IT A GAME?), Kreuzberg Pavillon, Berlin. Curated by Rasmus Hungnes, Lisa Schorm & Heiko Pfreundt. With Gabriel Kvenseth, Erin Sexton, Eirik Storesund & Connor Sherlock.
2017 Ephemerality – A Permanent Collection, UiB, fakultet for musikk, kunst og design. Curated by KORO/Marianne Skeie
2017 Ultimo Scenario, group show, barneklinikken Haukeland Universitetssykehus, Bergen
2016 Coincidence of Opposites, group show, Landmark, Bergen Kunsthall. Curated by Eirik Storesund
2016 The Making of the Unrealized, Catalyst Arts, Belfast
2016 Den andre Høstutstillingen, temporary space, Oslo
2016 Høstutstillingen, The National Exhibition, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo
2016 Inferno part II, group show, Pristine Galerie, Monterrey, Mexico. Curated by Raul Zamudio
2016 The Throwing Aspect, group show, Kreuzberg Pavillon, Berlin 2015 Nød lærer naken vevkjerring å spinne (skin in the game), participation in group show Lokalt 2015, Bergen old prison
2015 Utopia, curated by KNIPSU, Kreuzberg Pavillon, Berlin
2015 You Haven't Lost the Key to the City, group show, Kreuzberg Pavillon
2014 KUKLOS – Border 1.4, part of Uskapt by Gabriel Kvendseth, Group show Game of Life 2: Knust i det offentlige rom. Kristiansand Kunsthall
2014 KUKLOS – Border 1.3: Skin-Deep. The Wearable Art Show by Kreuzberg Pavillon at KNIPSU, Bergen
2014 KUKLOS – Border 1.2: In Between, SomoS, Berlin
2014 KUKLOS – Border 1.1: Disenchanted Forest. Hardbakka Ruins Project 2014 – Dissensus, curated by Lars Tørresen, Hidemi Nishida, Dan Dorocic, Icaro Zorbar and Alison Hugill
2013 Obscured intervention in the magazine Utflukt: Antiform. Kunsthall Oslo, curated by Ragnhild Aamås
2011 Group show at Galleri Bokboden, Bergen
2011 Marked Kjøtt, Bergen Kjøtt. With Tarald Wassvik
2011 Refleks, exhibition with Erik Joung and Eric Wangel, Premiss
2011 Dickhead, Fuckface & Origami Ninja Porn Stars, Prøverommet, Bergen Kunsthall/Landmark, Bergen
2011 Gruppearbeid, curated by Institutt for Farge (Institute for Colour). With Tarald Wassvik (Premiss), 0047, Oslo, Volt, Bergen
2011 Stamnes vs Hungnes, Premiss, Bergen (with Håvard Stamnes)
2011 Cold Open, Premiss, Bergen (with Ringstad, Wangel and anonymous artist)
2010 In exhibition space no one can hear you scream, Det Akademiske Kvarter, Bergen (with Ringstad, Wassvik, Ensby and Scharning)
2010 2 Cool 4 School, grad show, Bergen Kjøtt. Curated by Morten Kvamme
2009 me måte som sentralnervesystemet. Nei, hjertet er en del av sentralnervesystemet, på samme måte som sjelen. Nei, hjertet er en del av sjelen, på sam, Prøverommet, Bergen Kunsthall/Landmark, Bergen
2009 Guerilla exhibition at Cera Cera, Bergen
2009 Hey, das ist mein Joghurt!, WIR Gallery, Berlin (group show)
2009 2013, Østre Skostredet 5, Bergen (group show)
2008 Betongstol (Concrete chair), Engen, Bergen. Commission/art in public space with Magnhild Øen Nordahl, 1 year duration
2008 My dog is my favourite artist, Design Festa, Tokyo. Exhibition and performance with Eric Wangel, Simon Torsell Lerin and Øyvind Mellbye
2008 2012, temporary space in Nøstegaten, Bergen (group show)

Selected performances
2015 "Chalk Talk", guided tour of the exhibition space in internal space through pathworking/hypnotic induction during Phallos & Kteis in Meatspace, Bergen Kjøtt
2014 Subversive origami workshop, performance lecture/workshop, Nanofestival, Access Space, Sheffield
2013 pOTSYmposium. A site-specific lecture featuring live-cooking of soup. Commisioned by KHIB study programme Topographies of the Obsolete. Bergen
2012 How to fold an Origami ninja porn star. Performance at live Skype-event in public space, curated by Mathijs Van Geest and Laurianne Monnier, Annecy, France
2011 Mangolassi Marghaug, Prøverommet, KNIPSU, Bergen
2011 Mangolassi Marghaug, Landmark, Bergen (with Eric Wangel and Simon Torsell Lerin)
2011 Mangolassi Marghaug, Never or Now festival for performance art, Bergen Kjøtt (with Eric Wangel)
2009 Mangolassi Marghaug, Hordaland Kunstsenter, with Eric Wangel, Simon Torsell Lerin & Øyvind Mellbye
2008 Bachstreet Beuys, Gamuso Gallery Chroma, Tokyo, with Eric Wangel, Simon Torsell Lerin & Øyvind Mellbye
2008 Mangolassi Marghaug Japan Tour 2008, series of six performances, with Eric Wangel, Simon Torsell Lerin & Øyvind Mellbye
2008 Mangolassi Marghaug, Art Club, Landmark, Bergen, with Eric Wangel, Simon Torsell Lerin & Øyvind Mellbye
2008 Mangolassi Marghaug, Phonofestivalen, NG2, Bergen, with Eric Wangel, Simon Torsell Lerin & Øyvind Mellbye
2007 Har du sett Performance danse, Prøverommet, Teatergarasjen, Bergen

2018 Ludacrium (IS IT A GAME?), Kreuzberg Pavillon, Berlin. Curated by Rasmus Hungnes, Lisa Schorm & Heiko Pfreundt. With Gabriel Kvenseth, Erin Sexton, Eirik Storesund & Connor Sherlock.
2016 Fall Apartment, socially oriented temporary project space involving artists Eric Wangel, Gabriel Kvendseth, Eirik Senje, Ellen Ringstad, Øyvind Mellbye, Tale of Tales (Michaël Samyn & Aureia Harvey), Lerin/Hystad, Josefine Lyche, Morten Kvamme, Bjørn Mortensen, Kiyoshi Yamamoto, Kreuzberg Pavillon (Lisa Schorm & Heiko Pfreundt) & Co, Bergen
2016 Astrological exhibition at Lynx featuring 44 artists and a school class, based on an open call. Co-curator: Josefine Lyche
2013 pOTSYd, group show in an underground WWII bunker, Bergen. Co-curator: Ellen Ringstad. Other artists: Thomas Pihl, Anja Carr, Gabriel Kvendseth, Veronica Rebecca Johansen, Øyvind Mellbye, Eric Wangel, Judas van der Berg, Jonas Ib Jensen, Bjørn Mortensen
2010–12 Premiss, project space, Bergen. Co-curator: Tarald Wassvik. Solo exhibitions by Eirik Senje, Anja Carr, Tommy Olsson, Kristian Skylstad & Stian Gabrielsen, Simon Torsell Lerin & Bettina Hvidevold Hystad – and many, many more,

Selected discography
2013 My Way clusterfucked, sound collage for No Fate, anthology curated by ANIMALS, Tromsø, publication with CD
2008 Sinking Sea – EP 2, CD. Drummer, recorded and produced by Pytten and Stig Sandbakk at Grieghallen Studio
2006 Clöster Bomb – ST, CD. Drums and percussion. Recorded and produced by Pål Nappen
2006 Sinking Sea – Expectations EP, CD, Drummer, recorded and produced by Pytten and Stig Sandbakk at Grieghallen Studio
2006 Major Parkinson – EP, CD. Drummer. Recorded and produced by Pytten at Grieghallen Studio
2005 Shoot the Dog – EP, CD. Drums. Recorded and produced by Gunnar Odland

Selected writing, press & publications
2018 "Action-Dante", essay in Vagant No. 1–2 2018, p. 158–164
2018 "Rom" ("Space"), editor, Kunstforum 3+4-2018 (No.)
2018 "Landskap / Landscape", editor, Kunstforum 2-2018 (No.) & Scandinavian Kunstforum 2-2018 (Eng.)
2018 "Urbanitet / Urbanity", editor, Kunstforum 1-2018 (No.) & Scandinavian Kunstforum 1- 2018 (Eng.)
2017 Ephemerality – A Permanent Collection, artwork featured in catalogue edited by Merete Sørås and Nora C. Nerdrum, KORO
2017 "Darkness", editor, Kunstforum 3-2017 (No.) & Scandinavian Kunstforum 2-2017 (Eng.)
2017 "Humor", editor, Kunstforum 2-2017 (No.)
2017 "Design", editor, Kunstforum 1-2017 (No.) & Scandinavian Kunstforum 1-2017 (Eng.)
2017 Rock the Boat, One Night Only 2008–2015, artwork featured in catalogue edited by Tito Frey and Jon Benjamin Tallerås
2016/17 Catalogue texts for Aage Langhelle & Kay Arne Kirkebø
2016 Featured in Kulturhuset, NRK P2, September 19th 2016
2016 "Intet nytt fra Wergelandsveien", review by Mona Pahle Bjerke, NRK 11. september 2016
2016 "Årets høstutstilling er som en flink, men kjedelig dame", review by Arve Rød, Dagbladet 10. september 2016
2016 "Dyr / Animals", editor, Kunstforum 4-2016, bilingual No./Eng.
2016 "Mytologi / Mythology", editor, Kunstforum 3-2016, bilingual No./Eng.
2016 "Samarbeid / Cooperation", editor, Kunstforum 2-2016, bilingual No./Eng.
2016 "Åndelige åndsverk / Art and spirituality", editor, Kunstforum 1-2016, bilingual No./Eng.
2015 "Det kunstnerstyrte universet / The artist-run universe", editor, Kunstforum 4-2015, bilingual No./Eng.
2015 "Kukhodekunst", feature interview by Maya Økland in FETT No. 3 2015, p. 62–67
2015 "Artist of the month", interview by Aslak Høyersten, VISP
2013–15 Art critic for Kunstkritikk.no
2013 Catalogue text for KIB's 25th anniversary
2012 "Kunsten på lettveggen", review of Armory Show, Morgenbladet March 15th
2012– Music reviews for newspaper Dag og Tid
2011– Games and gaming column, Natt&Dag
2011–15 Movie reviews, Natt&Dag
2011–15 Monthly art column, Natt&Dag Bergen
2011–13 Various texts written for Billedkunst

Lectures, panels and presentations
2017 Series of panels at Oppland Kunstsenter
2016 Panel, exhibitions of the year, Norsk kritikerlag, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo
2015 "Chalk Talk", artist talk/induction, Bergen Kjøtt
2015 "Kunstnernes tale", speech at grant ceremony commissioned by the Municipality of Bergen.
2014 Fringe talk at Bergen Assembly Event, Public Library, Bergen
2014 Presentation of pOTSYd, Icelandic Academy of Art, Reykjavik
2014 Presentation of Waste-line, Camp Pixelache, Helsinki
2014 Panel, VISP, Landmark/Bergen Kunsthall, Bergen
2014 Panel, Manøver, April, Chagall, Bergen
2013 Re-Assembly, commissioned text and panel about Bergen Assembly. B-Open, HKS, Bergen.
2013 Panel about Bergen Assembly, Landmark, Bergen.

Grants & awards
2018 Project support, Fritt Ord, for text production
2017 Work grant, Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond
2017 Project support, Fritt Ord, for text production
2016 Project support, Bergen kommune
2016 Project support, Norsk kulturråd
2016 Project support, Oslo kommune
2016 Project support, Fritt Ord, for text production
2015 Project support, Norsk kulturråd
2015 Project support, Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond
2015 Project support, Bergen kommune
2014 1 year work grant, Bergen kommune
2014 Project support, for KUKLOS, Bergen kommune
2014 "Diversestipend", Statens Kunstnerstipend
2013 Noregs Mållag, "Nynorskstipend", award for text production
2013 Project support, pOTSYd, BKK Lokale Tiltak.
2013 Project support, pOTSYd, Bergen kommune.
2013 Project support, pOTSYd, Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond
2012 Project support, Premiss. BKK Lokale Tiltak
2012 Project support, Bergen kommune, for Premiss
2011 Establishing grant, Bergen kommune
2011 Establishing grant, Bergen kommune, for Premiss
2011 Project support, Bergen kommune, for Premiss
2010 Grant for newly graduates, Statens kunstnerstipend
2010 Project support, Kunsthøgskolen i Bergen
2009 Project support, Kunsthøgskolen i Bergen
2008 Project support, Bergen kommune, Rådet for kunstnerisk utsmykning av byen, for Betongstol
2008 Project support, Kunsthøgskolen i Bergen, for Mangolassi Marghaug Japan Tour

2007–10 Bergen National Academy of the Arts, department of Fine Art (KHiB, now KMD)
2009 Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weissensee, sculpture department, exchange semester
2005–07 Kunstskolen i Bergen / Bergen Art School (KIB)
2000–03 Langhaugen VGS. Music, dance and drama (high school, drums as main instrument)

2017 Sound carrier with Damo Suzuki's Network, Revolver, Oslo (drum kit)
2016–17 Wibbly Wobbly Studios, Oslo. Member & drummer
2015– Editor in chief, Kunstforum (paper edition) (from No. 4 2015)
2013–14 Producer, Piksel festival
2011–12 Deputy board member, BKFH
2011 Technician, Piksel festival
2010 "Lonely wanderer" in music video for Susanne Sundfør's The Brothel, directed by Eric Wangel
2009–10 Member of the board of directors & leader of student counsil, KhiB
2007 "Drummer" in music video for Shoot the Dog – In Luv with U, directed by Tom Rosson
2003-12 Various teaching assignments (music at Bergen kulturskole, Meland kulturskule, AKKS, etc.)