Ruled paper in ringbinder (2008)

Selected texts

Rasmus Hungnes' experimental critique, interviews, and essays have been published in various on- and offline platforms since 2010.

Game critique on and also some more from the archives

"En tidligere KIB-elevs erkjennelser". Essay about process, serendipity, the Ash Lad etc written for KiB's (Bergen Art School) 25 year anniversary catalogue. Language: Norwegian (Bokmål).

Kunstkritikk page

Editor-in-chief of the following Kunstforum & Scandinavian Kunstforum editions (2015-2018):
4-15: The artist-run universe (No+Eng)
1-16: Art and spirituality (No+Eng)
2-16: Cooperation (No+Eng)
3-16: Mythology (No+Eng)
4-16: Animals (No+Eng)
1-17: Design (No+Eng)
2-17: Humor (No)
3-17: Darkness (No+Eng)
1-18: Urbanity (No+Eng)
2-18: Landscape (No+Eng)
3-18: Space/Spaces (No)

Rasmus has been a games correspondent in Natt&Dag since 2011. Here's an example (in Nynorsk, sorry).
Here's a text on virtual landscapes and such in English.
He also writes three music reviews a month in Nynorsk newspaper Dag og Tid.

About Rasmus Hungnes and/or their work:

Reviews of Høstutstillingen (The National Art Exhibition) 2016: NRK (Mona Pahle Bjerke), Dagbladet, Arve Rød. Language: Norwegian (Bokmål).

"Kunstnerredaktøren", Kunstkritikk, Sept. 30th 2015. Article in Norwegian (Bokmål).